My Travel Maps

This first map shows countries and states I have lived in (in red), been to (in blue), and want to go to (in green).  For the US, I have only marked states as 'been to' if I have spent more than two days in them.  Driving through on my way to somewhere else doesn't really count in my book.  It's obviously less detailed than the second one, and much easier to see.  However, I also wanted to be able to mark specific cities and towns that I have visited because obviously, Queensland, Australia is a huge place and each city and town has its own unique character and deserves its own special mention.  Which is why I made the second map.

This next map shows specific cities I have visited, which are marked by the little yellow pins.  It also allows me to mark cities that I want to visit.  The problem with this feature is that I pretty much want to visit every city in the world.  If I marked every city that I hope to eventually visit, this map would be so full of pins that an uneducated person who looked at it might start to think that the world map is made up of tiny little green circles.  So, the green pins only mark cities that I actually have concrete plans of visiting within the next year.  And like the previous map, I will only mark a city as 'visited' if I have actually spent at least a day there.  Stopping there for a potty break or to eat at the McDonald's off of exit number 586 on US highway 9551 doesn't count.

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      If you ever want to know more about any of the places I have visited, including planning a trip there or advice on things to do or see, just email me.  My contact information can be found under the tab that says "contact me".  Go figure.

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