Monday, February 1, 2010

Only nine days left

Until I board a plane and fly halfway around the world.  I am super excited but also a little bit nervous and sad.  Not only will I be leaving my home behind, but I will also be leaving behind my wonderful boyfriend, Miles.  As much as I will miss him and my other friends and family, I look at this trip as an adventure and an opportunity to both find myself and lose myself at the same time (I dunno if that really makes sense but I think you get the idea).  I will be spending the week packing and stocking up on the essentials.  I can't leave without at least a five month supply of Carmex in my suitcase.  

Tonight, I am also going to share some photos from the past couple days.  

It snowed here on Friday, and all of Cary has been frozen since then.  The roads were finally starting to clear today, so my sister and I went to see "When in Rome".  It was really corny but pretty enjoyable if you are looking for something light and fun.  Here are a couple of pictures of my street and my house on Saturday morning:


One of my mom's many, many garden statues


My sweet and adorable boyfriend and his ridiculously huge truck in the background.


Me in front of my mom's house.

A really gorgeous house on the golf course.
And like I promised, here are a couple photos of the things I got while thrifting last week.  The prices at Get Dressed were a bit steeper than I expected, but there were also quite a few things on sale.

I really love this dress.  It is 60's style, but not actually from the 60's.  It is most likely from the 90's.

I got this really awesome flower cluster pendant.  In case you can't tell, the flowers are mint green and cream colored with little rhinestones in the middle.  I have no idea what decade this is from but I love it anyways.
Aaaaand last but not least, I have made two attempts at making some hairbows using Elsie's DIY tutorial, which can be found here.  It was really easy to do and helps use up some of those fabric scraps that you don't want to just throw away.  So far I have only made two pink ones (the first was kind of a trial run) but I hope to make lots more in prints and solid colors.  A hairbow for every outfit!

Attempt # 1 slid onto a little plastic headband.

Attempt # 2 looks much more professional.


Hairbow mustache!!

It was completely coincidental that the fabric I used just so happened to match my shirt.  Seriously I didn't plan that.  I would also like to go to the craft store and buy some felt.  I have a lot of old mismatched buttons lying around and I want to make some flower brooches with felt and buttons.

Well that's all the silliness I have for you today.

Happy Monday!


Amanda G.

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