Friday, May 27, 2011

Around Raleigh: Locopops!

So it's officially summer... Ok, not officially, but with temperatures over 90 degrees, it's definitely summer in my book.  And who doesn't love a popcicle on a hot summer day?  I know I do.  Well, how about a gourmet, home made popcicle?  Even better right?  Right.  Locopops has been occupying its little corner on Hillsborough St. for some time now, and I have been wanting to visit for about as long as it has been there.  The adorable little shop logo definitely drew my attention from the first time I saw it.  Check it out:

Cute, right?  Anyways, I finally found the time to pop in the other day for a little visit and I was not disappointed.  The popcicles are around $2.20 each, which migh seem a bit steep for one popcicle, but, when you compare it the the price of ice cream, it's really not bad.  I tried the black raspberry mojito flavor... yummmm!  I definitely want to go back and try all of the unique flavors on the menu.  To find out more about what this little slice of heaven has to offer, visit there website here!  Do it.  And then go there.

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