Tuesday, June 28, 2011

My Current Obsession: 50's dresses

Have you ever had a time when there was this certain thing that you wanted so bad that you thought about it all the time and constantly searched for the perfect one?  Maybe I'm just weird.  I went through a phase like that with snowboarding gear a couple years ago, and the obsession did not end until I was fully equipped with my very own board, bindings, boots, jacket, pants... you get the idea.  And I didn't settle until I felt like I had found the one board that was my perfect fit.  In the end, all the time spent was worth it because my board rides like a dream and my bindings are just perfect.

All of this is just my long winded way of winding up at this conclusion: I want to find my perfect 1950's full-skirted vintage dress.  Make that two: a day dress and a special occasion dress.  I just love the sexy yet sophisticated look of that perfectly nipped waist paired with the flirty full skirt.  The look is oh-so-elegant.  Needless to say, I have been spending a lot of time lately pouring over Etsy shops, searching for my perfect dress.  Another long winded side note: women of the '50s must have had much smaller waists than modern women.  Why do I say this?  Today, I made the long drive out to Durham in search of the nearest local vintage shop, Dolly's Vintage.  I came across a perfect little silky, full-skirted '50s number.  It was an off white color with a dainty little purple and blue flower print.  I was so, so excited.  Then I went to try it on.  It fit perfectly across the shoulders, through the bust, and the skirt skimmed my hips just beautifully.  But, the button that closed right across the narrowest part of the waist, right across my belly, just did not fit.  I could have forced it but I certainly did not want to risk ruining such a beautiful dress.  So, sadly, many of my favorite finds on Etsy just won't fit me because apparently most women in the '50s had 22 inch waists.  Being a relatively small girl (modern size 2-4) who is used to easily fitting into most clothes, this is rather frustrating for me.  

And, with all that said, we get to the good part.  Here are some of my personal favorite Etsy finds:

And there are so, so many more that I love!  I really like how the last one looks worn without a petticoat.  What is your current obsession?



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