Saturday, December 12, 2009

Fairy Tales by Syfy

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Australia trip update!!!!!!  I have decided where I am going to live next semester.  I will be sharing a four-bedroom apartment at UniCentral.  It's an adorable apartment complex that's a five-minute walk from the USC campus.  The buildings are all blue and orange and the apartments come with modern furniture.  I decided to live in the four-bedroom apartment so that I can meet as many people as possible right away when I get there.

In other news, I have found a new TV obsession.  It's called Alice and it's a two part miniseries from Syfy channel.  It's a very imaginative reworking of the classic story of Alic in Wonderland.  The story told in this series has only a minimal resemblance to the original story, but I think the premise is that this particular episode is occurring 150 years after the original Alice first visited Wonderland.  It has a completely new cast of characters, including a power-hungry queen of hearts and her arsenal of 'suits' who work for her, the Walrus, the Carpenter, the Caterpillar, and the heart-throbbingly sexy Hatter, who is played by Andrew Lee Potts.  Oh and of course Alice.

Isn't Hatter simply adorable?  Anyways, Alice enters into Wonderland after accidentally falling through a looking glass while chasing after her boyfriend, Jack, who has been kidnapped by the White Rabbit.  Alice is captured by the White Rabbit, but she escapes and begins wandering around Wonderland in search of her boyfriend who actually turns out to be the son of the queen.  She meets the gorgeous but zany Hatter who runs a 'tea shop' where citizens of Wonderland can drink up the liquid emotions that have been drained from 'oysters' (people from Alice's world).  The queen serves these emotions to her populace in order to control them from afar.  Hatter agrees to help Alice find and rescue her boyfriend.  I don't want to ruin the whole story so I am simply going to leave it here and tell you to watch it by downloading the torrent or here on youtube.  The Youtube version is a little bit frustrating because the show is slit up into about 18 different segments but it's free and easy to use and it doesn't take up any space on your hard drive.

I'm no professional critic but I found this series to be highly entertaining and well worth watching.  Next I will be checking Syfy's version of The Wizard of Oz which is called Tin Man.

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