Sunday, December 13, 2009

Oh how I love...

Christmas time at home.

Hello world,

Today has been wonderful.  I went to church this morning with my dad and they put on a super cute little pageant.  There were actually some very talented singers in the show (I was a little jealous).  I spent a couple hours straightening up my apartment and catching up on some emails and then I headed home for dinner and to work out some more details of my Australia trip (housing and flight times and such).  Spending time at home near the holidays is always a treat.  My stepdad made a fabulous meal (as always) and my sister chatted my ears off about her newest crushes and best friend drama.  I got to read through a couple of my mom's People magazines, watch a couple mindless TV shows, play with my two attention hungry dogs, and, most importantly, admire the festive decorations that my mom had recently set out.  Unfortunately she doesn't decorate for every holiday like she did when I was much younger, but she still goes all out for Christmas.

Here are a few nice photos of the house and decorations:


I think Mr. Nutcracker is my favorite.  My mom is just obsessed with nutcrackers.  She has a collection of around 20 of them ranging from ornament size to two and a half feet tall.  The one in the picture is one of the tall ones... he lives on the staircase.  Although some of the traditions have changed, especially since I left for school, the mood is still the same.  I can't wait until Christmas morning.  We always have mimosas and sticky cake before opening presents.  And of course my mom plays her Elvis Christmas CD.

What are some of your favorite holiday traditions?

I in love with the new trend in funky headbands and hair pieces.  This gorgeous beaded one is at the top of my holiday wish list.  It can be found Here on Etsy.


Keep living in holiday spirit!


Amanda G.

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