Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I had a fabulous weekend...

Okay I realize that it is now Wednesday, and that the weekend ended three days ago, but I just haven't quite gotten around to making a weekend post yet.  I have mostly been busy spending lots of time with my wonderful boyfriend and other friends from school.  Last night I attended a rush info night for Phi Sigma Pi.  For those of you who don't know me, Phi Sigma Pi, or PSP, is a coed national honor fraternity of which I am a member.  I got to hang out with a few of my brothers (yes the female members are also called brothers) and meet some of the potential new initiates.  We had a promising couple days of warmth here in Cary, but now temperatures are dipping back down and the weatherman is calling for snow/ice on Friday.

So back to the weekend.  Like I said before, my boyfriend and I went up to Boone for the weekend for some snowboarding.  We arrived in Boone around 10:30 on Friday night.  We quickly checked into the room (which had a MASSIVE bed, btw) and then left to visit one of the few bars on that main road near the university.  We had some food and beers at Macado's, which is a really great little place with a very large menu of tasty sandwiches and a warm, friendly atmosphere.  Saturday morning we got all bundled up in our snowboarding gear and went to rent my snowboard.  I have yet to buy my own board, which is definitely something that will be on this year's Christmas list.  We snowboarded all day and all evening until around 9:30.  I definitely made a vast improvement to my ability to switch from heel to toe.  By the end of the day I was even carving a little... but I still have yet to get off a ski lift without falling.  Oh well, that gives me something to work for next year.

It rained all day Sunday, so we headed back to that main road (I can't remember what it's called) for some breakfast and shopping.  I had so much fun wandering around a shop called Artwalk, which is much more colorful than its website suggests.  This shop was full of jewelry, clothing, accessories, and home decor made by talented local artists.  At every turn, I kept wishing that I still had an apartment to decorate because there was so much wonderful artwork.  I did score a few really great pieces of jewelry, including three pairs of earrings and a ring.  Check em out!  One of the pairs of earrings is missing because it is too small to really get a good picture of.

I really love my silver flower ring and I have been wearing it every day since I bought it.  I also got to peruse my first every antique shop!  I can't remember the name of the shop, but its display windows were so colorful that I was just drawn in.  I had so much fun wandering around the three floors of shelves of junk and treasures.  I really really wanted to get this vintage stained glass coca cola lamp but alas, I would have nowhere to put it and I really need to save money for Australia.

Speaking of which:  I finally booked a room in an apartment.  It ended up being in Varsity Apartments since Unicentral was all booked.  I have exactly two weeks left til departure and I am sooo excited!!!

Tomorrow I will be going for a haircut.  I think I will be getting the front a little bit shorter so that it will still look good as it grows out.  Since I will be in the area, I will also be stopping by a vintage shop that I have been wanting to visit for a long time.  Haircut pictures will be posted of course.

Here is a little bit of randomness:  Take a look at this really awesome dress that I got from American Eagle during a random impulse shopping trip.  I love love love the bright floral pattern.


Tomorrow I will:
Get my hair cut
Bake some cupcakes
Go vintage shopping
Go for a jog
Make a new play list for the blog
Do this adorable hair bow DIY from Elsie's blog.

I would love to make a few in lots of colors with some of the fabric scraps that I have lying around.

Have a great week everyone!


Amanda G.

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