Thursday, January 21, 2010

Rain rain go away

It's all rainy today... blech.  But, this weekend I get to go snowboarding!!!  My boy is taking me up to Sugar Mountain in Boone for the weekend.  It has been almost a year since the last time I went snowboarding during spring break last year.  I went with five friends from Phi Sigma Pi and we had a blasty blast!  This will be my third time ever snowboarding and my goal is to master the transition from heel side to toe side.  I have no problem going down a mountain on my heels but it seems that every time I try to switch to my toes, I completely eat it.  Anyways, here is a pic of me in my snowboard gear from last year:

That was taken in our condo in SnowShoe WV.  Aaaahhh I'm so excited.  I would really love to buy my own board but for now, a rental will have to do.

Today I am scheduled to get my picture taken for the NCSU yearbook.  The yearbook people invite all seniors to have their picture taken for free but I don't think they are aware that I will not be graduating this year.  Oh well.  I'm going to wear my pretty blue and white shirt dress from The Limited.  You can see most of the dress in this pic:

I know you love my goofy face.  I think shirt dresses are great because they have such a timeless style to them and I love the fun print on this one.

Check out my super cute buddha lamp:

People always blog about stuff they love that they don't have, so I thought I would be 'different' and post about something I love that I already have.  I got my buddha lamp at a really cool eclectic lighting and knick knack store in Cameron Village called Accipiter but you can get one at the Buddha Buddha Life website.  They also sell key chains and coin banks and other neat buddha things... sweet!

Well I think I am going to venture out into the cold and rain to run a couple errands now.  Have a great week!



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