Thursday, July 7, 2011

Free playlists?!

One day last week, I had some time to kill before work, so I stopped in at the Cameron Village Starbucks for a Frappucino (which is what I always get from Starbucks, even when it's winter).  While I was there I picked up this nifty little card that had an iTunes code on it.  Using that code, I was able to download my very own summer playlist!  Apparently, Starbucks comes out with a new playlist card each week and releases them every Tuesday.  How cool is that?  Check out the awesome songs that I got, courtesy of Starbucks!

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Create a playlist at

Ok, so I don't love all the songs but it was free so I really can't complain.  In other news, today was moving day.  All of my furniture is now nestled snugly in my grandma's garage.  All of my clothes were hauled to my parents' house in trash bags.  I have yet to figure our how I'm going to fit them all in their appropriate spots.  My closet is already jam-packed full.  I miss my old closet already :(  Oh well, let's hope that wherever I end up living in Australia, we have a big closet.



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