Thursday, July 21, 2011

Happy 21st birthday lil bro!

This past Monday, my awesome little brother, Dexter turned 21.  He is legally allowed to drink and legally allowed to get silly on the weekends.  He is such a man now!  My brother runs his own blog over at Tumblr called Carolina Style.  It's mostly photos of men's fashion but it also has lots of photos of other people, places, and things that he deems post-worthy.  He is a very fashionable young man.  Other people must think so too, because he has lots of followers!

Anyways, on Sunday night at midnight, out whole family went out to Tyler's Taproom in Cary for Dexter's first legal drink.  On Monday evening we all went out for a delicious dinner at Bonefish.  Yum!

Here is a pic of myself, Dexter, grandma, and our sister, Sydney:

Dexter is the one in the tie.  Isn't he fashionable in his grandpa vest?  

Ciao for now,


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