Friday, July 22, 2011

My guilty pleasures: Pretty Little Liars

Yes, I know that this show is shown on ABC Family.  And yes, I know that the characters are all in high school and that the show is geared toward 11-18 year olds.  However, these facts don't stop me from loving it for the exact same reasons that I love Mary-Kate and Ashley movies.  Unlike Mary-Kate and Ashley movies, this show  also has some elements of danger.  Plus some of the guys on the show are oh-so-yummy.  I can say that because  there is a great likelihood that all of them are much older than the characters that they portray.  Watch this chat with the "boys of Pretty Little Liars".  Caleb is my favey!

All about the fashion:

The other thing I love about this show?  The fashion!  Seriously, these girls go to school every day dressed like runway models.  The show also very tastefully explores the issue of teen sexuality.  The show is highly unrealistic but oh-so-fun to watch.  I suggest you check it out!  

The opening theme song:

Try not to make fun too much (a little is ok).

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