Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Kiawah holiday: a lovely night in Charleston

This past Thursday evening, after a long day at the beach, we all decided to take a break from the lush green jungles of Kiawah island, and spend a little time in another sort of jungle: Charleston.  If you have never been to Charleston, you should go as soon as you have the chance.  If you have been, you should go back.  Charleston is such a charming city.  Just keep in mind that during the summer months, South Carolina gets H-O-T.  The residents of Charleston have done such a wonderful time preserving the old timey feel of the city.  The streets of the downtown area are lined with beautiful, colorful row houses.  Many of these have been converted to shops and restaurants while some are residential.  I tried to snap as many photos as possible while I was there but Kaity and her family thought I was weird for taking pictures of doors and bicycles (they just don't get it).  Also, it was so humid that my camera lens kept fogging up every time I took it out of the case.  Anyways, here are some of my very unprofessional photos from the evening:

I love the tall, narrow buildings!

Husk is where we had dinner.  The food and service were both phenomenal.  I ate until it hurt and I still wanted to keep eating!  Give their website a little peek and definitely eat there if you ever get a chance.  The chef won a James Beard award (whatever that means).  

Seriously, I had a ball at this place.  I ended up finishing off EVERYONE'S desserts because I couldn't stand to see them get wasted.  My pretty white skirt was feeling quite a bit tighter by the end of the meal.

Say hi to my cousin Kaity!

So many horse-drawn carriages in this city.  I think this one was for a history tour.  I would love to learn more about the history of this beautiful and iconic southern city.

Some of the photos turned out very hazy due to the humidity fogging up my camera lens but I think the result is actually kind of nice.  What do you think?

After dinner, we stopped in at a couple of different wine bars including the cutest little rooftop bar.  It was too dark to take pictures with my little compact camera, unfortunately.

Was that too many photos?  I'm sorry (not really).  The city is just so charming, I couldn't help myself.  I had been to Charleston several times in the past but there was just something about that night that made me see its beauty in a way I never had before.  Does that sound crazy?  Maybe a little.