Wednesday, July 6, 2011

More Australia prep

I spent the whole day today doing more stuff to get ready for my epic move to Australia.  First, my mom and I went over to my grandma's house to clean out and reorganize her garage where we will be storing all of my furniture and stuff.  Then I went to SAS Healthcare to get a physical.  It turns out that I needed a couple of booster shots.  I was given chickenpox and tetanus vaccines, which means that both of my arms have been sore all day.  I guess the good news is that I'm now all caught up and ready to go.  After my appointment, I had to rush home and get ready for work.  

The Oyster Bar wasn't too busy tonight so I got off work fairly early but decided to stick around for some butter and garlic mussels, spinach salad, and a PBR with a lime in a cold glass (or as the servers call it, a Carolina Corona).  This place is actually pretty awesome.  You should definitely stop by for some oysters if you are ever in the area... and yes, we serve them year-round.  After dinner, I stopped by Harris Teeter and picked up a delicious dessert.  Then, it was back to business, and I spent a couple hours packing and organizing the contents of my bedroom.  Tomorrow, I will no longer have a room in Raleigh. The days are flying by so quickly, it's unbelievable.  Only 20 days left now!

Freaking out a little,


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