Tuesday, August 2, 2011

My first ever sort-of outfit post

These photos were taken about three weeks ago now, but late is better than never, right?

One night, when I was in Kiawah with my cousin, Kaity and her family, the whole lot of us got all dolled up to go out to dinner at a nearby restaurant (it was called Red Sky something).  I had Kaity snap some pictures of me before we left the house.  Most of my family isn't in on the whole blog thing yet so they don't really get how important it is to get good outfit photos.  I call it a sort-of outfit post because I wasn't able to get Kaity to take pictures of the outfit details.  Oh well, here goes nothing:

What I wore:

Dress: Milly, bought at Revolver Consignment
Earrings: Christmas gift from mom
Shoes: Nine West
White bracelet: can't remember
Purple eyeliner: Physician's Formula Custom Eye Enhancing Eyeliner Trio for green eyes
Purple mascara: Benefit Bad Gal Plum

Kaity's first reaction when she saw me in this dress: "You look like a Stepford wife."

Should I take that as a compliment?  I thought the Stepford wives looked pretty even if they were forced to dress that way by evil men who turned them into robots.  Do you think I resemble them?

Anyways, I hope you liked my first outfit post.  Let me know what you think, and look out for some updates on my new life in Australia coming soon (hopefully later today).



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