Thursday, September 29, 2011

10 Things I Love #3

1. All of's gentle yet effective skin care products.  If you have any problems with acne at all, I highly suggest that you check out this site.

2. Great Danes.  They are just so huge!  I feel like nobody would ever mess with me if I had one of these always by my side.  I guess this one is a little random, but I have always wanted to have another enormous dog ever since my childhood dog, Mindy died.

3. Jelly shoes.  I was completely obsessed with these as a kid and I think it would totally NOT be weird if I bought some new or vintage ones in my size.

How about these?

4. Isn't this just the most perfect '50s dress ever?  If I could re-do my sweet 16 all over again, this is what I would wear... except my sweet 16 was a pool party so I guess that would have been a little bit inappropriate.

5. Oxford heels.

How gorgeous are these?  Too bad they cost the same as two months of rent.

Luckily there are more affordable options such as this super adorable pair from Forever 21

6. This gorgeous nail color from Chanel.  It's spot on with fall's new nail color trends.

7. This little embroidered pouch purse is so pretty!  Too bad it's already been sold :(

8.  This series of photos done by Laura of the blog Make Do & Mend.  She lives in an old convent that has been converted into an apartment building.  How cool!  Click the link to see all of the amazing photos and read about how she achieved this effect.

9. These super cute and crafty DIYs on how to jazz up your vintage luggage.  Found on Oh So Lovely Vintage.  If I ever happen upon a plain vintage suitcase during one of my thrifting adventures, I know how I'll be decorating it!

10. Nest Rest.  I can envision many, many hours spent curled up in one of these, reading a book and sipping tea.  One site refers to it as a birdhouse for humans.  I can't decide if I like that idea or not.

If you have a recent list of favorites, I would love for you to share the link with me.  I hope you are having a bright and sunshiny day!



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