Friday, October 7, 2011

A Spotlight On: Cannele et Vanile

Hi everyone!

As I'm sure you all know, there are so many fabulous blogs out there that it's almost impossible to pick and choose which ones to follow.  I already have so many in my following list that it's just impossible to keep up with every single post.  But, in case you just happen to be looking for a new must-follow blog, I would like to share with you a personal favorite among my recent blog "discoveries".  One of the nice things about this blog is that she doesn't post every single day.  So while I'm completely behind on all of the other blogs I follow, I never miss a single post from Cannelle et Vanille.

Cannelle et Vanille  is written by Aran, a lovely young lady who is originally from Basque France but is now living in the US.  She has two children and her blog functions mostly as a recipe journal, but also includes stories and photos from her daily life.  The reason why her blog is so wonderful, aside from her mouth-watering recipes, is here amazing penchant for photography.  Every single post is filled with the most beautiful photos of food, kids, scenery, and everything pretty.  Check out my favorite recent photographs from her blog, and then click on over and check out the rest of the blog for yourself.  You won't be sorry!

Sigh.  Her whole world looks so magical.  

I hope you are having a lovely day, wherever in the world you are.



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