Thursday, October 13, 2011

Nifty Thrifty (A Few Recent Thrift Finds)

Hello lovelies!

Just popping in to share some of my favorite recent thrift finds.  I have been pleasantly surprised by some of  the thrift stores around here and a bit let down by others.  The Salvation Army stores tend to carry mostly mall brands and so far I haven't had the best of luck there but you can find more unique things at the Bloomhill Op Shops, which are my personal favorites.  Now that I know the best places to shop, I can make the most of my little thrifting adventures.

1. A sunny yellow cotton tank for $3.00  I have already thought up so many different ways to wear it!

2. These super-gorgeous beige and silver heels for $5.00  A classic shoe with a shiny twist.

3. This light and airy white burnout blouse for $4.00  Perfect for the hot Sunshine Coast summer.

4. This pretty and functional wooden mortar and pestle for $5.00  This one, I bought for Tim to use for grinding herbs and things.

5. This pretty little ceramic sugar dish for $3.50  It has no markings on it but looks like it could have been hand made.  I use it to store little knick knacks like rings and loose buttons.  

I collected those straw-colored puff ball things at the beach a couple of days ago.  I'm planning on using them for a decorative DIY some time soon.

6. These fun and silly flexible heart-shaped ice cube trays for $1.00  They were originally from Ikea.  Ice water is so much more enjoyable when your ice is shaped like hearts :)

7. This cute and sexy mini-skirt for $4.00  It looks like tweed but it's actually made of polyester and viscose.

8. These super sparkly gold sandals for $8.00  That's a bit expensive for thrift store prices, but I think it's because they had never been worn before.

Yep, this photo is sideways.  I tried a couple of times but just couldn't get my computer to turn it around the right way.  So you will just have to look at a sideways photo.  Deal with it.

As you can see, thrifting has become a new addiction for me.  It's fun, gives me an excuse to get out of the house, and it's cheap!  But wait, I've already done a post on why I love to thrift.  I try to go at least once a week now so next week I'm sure I will have some more new goodies to share with you.  I have yet to find any rare vintage treasures but I'm not about to give up on looking any time soon. 

Happy thrifting!



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  1. Awesome finds! I haven't been thrifting in a while, but this makes me miss it!