Monday, May 28, 2012

The Most Mentionable Unmentionables

So I have another confession to make and this may seem a little bit strange, but I have recently become completely obsessed with buying pretty lingerie.  Is that weird?  Or do most girls obsess over having perfectly matched bras and panties (blech I hate that word) like I do?  

Anyways, after having worn the same five ugly, worn-out bras over and over again for the past year straight (ya know, because I'm a backpacker and didn't exactly have the luggage space pack a bra for every occasion), I decided that it was time to invest in some new ones.  Given that I currently live in a rather remote location, and also that the closest physical shops selling lingerie are either Target or ones that cater to teenagers, I opted for a little online shopping.  Don't get me wrong, I'm not bashing Target, I think Target is great.  I was just after something with a little more sex appeal.  

Also, out of curiosity, I tried to use the internet to find out what kind of lingerie guys actually like since I know that a lot of the times the things that I think are sexy may not actually be all that sexy.  It turns out that every guy is different (go figure).  Some guys like little lacy things, some like basic cotton, some prefer garters and stockings, and some guys prefer you to wear nothing at all.  The conclusion that I finally came to after all of this intensive research is that, ladies, you should just wear whatever the hell makes you feel good because there is no way you can possibly please 'em all.

Now I guess you're probably hoping that I'll eventually get to the point of this post.  Ok, here it is:  I love La Senza lingerie.  Now I bet you are thinking "why the %$&*# couldn't you have just said that and saved me the trouble of reading all that other crap?"  Because that's just not how I roll.  So get over it.  

La Senza is an Australian lingerie line that has physical shops all over the country, but also has a pretty nifty online store that you can visit by clicking here.  I know that it can be pretty intimidating trying to buy bras that you can't actually try on but I guarantee you that if you use La Senza's bra measuring guide and fitting chart, you will end up with a perfect fit every time.  Their lingerie is super sexy, high quality, great fitting, and most importantly, AFFORDABLE!  

Check out some of these super mentionable unmentionables that you can score at La Senza:


Like 'em?  Here're some more:



I highly recommend the No-Show Brazilian, the black lace one pictured underneath the aqua blue bra.  It's comfortable, sexy, and definitely lives up to its no-show promise.  I definitely recommend investing in some pretty underpinnings.  As frivolous as it may sound, wearing something fierce underneath your work clothes can make a woman feel a little bit more fierce all that way through.

In other news, it was nice and sunny today in Dingo Beach but it was still cold.  I don't particularly like the cold weather because it severely limits my choice of activities to do on my days off.  But I guess it's good practice for the chilliness that I'm in for when I head over to New Zealand in a couple weeks, right?  Optimism is good.

I hope you all are having a lovely day, where ever in the world you are!



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