Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Busy, busy bee

Goodness, it seems like lately, even though I am still kinda on vacation, there is so much to do.  My mom has been giving me daily chores to do so that I can make myself useful while I am just waiting to leave.  Yesterday I had to take my grandma to the dermatologist at 8:15 IN THE MORNING.  Even she agreed that it was way to early to have appointments to do anything.  It was one of those days when it is so cold that it almost hurts to go outside so I rolled out of bed, brushed my teeth, and threw on about 3 sweatshirts on top of each other and headed out expecting to be one of the only people on the road.  To my surprise, the roads were just as busy as they are during the evening rush hour!  During my four-year hiatus from the real world (aka: college), I seem to have forgotten that the majority of society begins its activity at obscenely early hours of the day.  I just might move to Spain.  I hear that nobody starts working until around 10:00 there, and takes two hour lunch breaks.

Anyways, after sitting in a waiting room for 45 minutes, trying in vain to block out the endless mom chatter about PTAs and school buses, my grandma and I headed out to take her poor little kitty to the vet again.  Unfortunately he is still not doing well, but we are hoping for the best.  After I deposited both grandma and kitty back at their home, I returned to my own home to take a nap.  This 'nap' ended up lasting about 5 hours, and when I woke up, it was already dinner time.

Later that evening, I had the pleasure of watching a really sweet movie that has just recently been released on DVD.  If you have not seen 500 Days of Summer, you should go rent it right now.  It is a romantic comedy, but as the narrator states at the beginning, it is not a love story.  The movie is filled with lovely imagery (not to mention miss Zooey's impeccable taste in fashion), memorable quotes, and a really delightful soundtrack.  Just watch it.

They are so adorable together.

Anyways, today I went to the dentist and the hygienist just raved about how beautiful my teeth are... only to tell me, five minutes later, that I have several small cavities that need to be filled.  So there is another thing that I can add to my growing list of things to do.  One of these chores, I am a little bit excited about, however.  My mom has informed me that if I get an eye exam, our insurance allows me to get sunglasses worth up to $300 absolutely free.  I have an eye exam appointment set up for Thursday.

I have also been doing quite a bit of shopping lately.  My excuse is that it will be fairly warm in Australia, and my summer wardrobe could use an update.  I've snagged these adorable shorts from J. Crew:

In case you can't tell, they are gray with yellow/white polka dots.  I am still searching for the perfect white blouse to wear with them.

I also got this dress from Express, which I am so in love with.

I am hoping to visit this vintage shop that I 'discovered' called Get Dressed Raleigh.

Here is a picture from Christmas, which I promised in my last post:

I'm wearing this ridiculous Christmas tree hat that I found in a really expensive boutique when I was in Williamsburg.

And last but certainly not least, an Australia trip update!!!!  I have been offered a room in Varsity Apartments which is nice because up until last week, I did not have a place to live.  I have also been awarded a student visa, and I have successfully enrolled in two classes.  Things are really falling into place now and I am sooooo excited.  Also, I am really enjoying watching all of my friends at NCSU hurry off to class while I lounge around in my PJs.

Well, that's it for now.  I will keep you updated more often when more exciting things happen.  Until then, stay classy, San Diego.



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