Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Scenery of Sippy Downs: Part 1

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I promised my mom a long time ago that I would post some pictures of my neighborhood, house, and some of the places I go.  Well my current house isn't particularly pretty or stylish and almost always has racks full of laundry sitting around because most Australians don't believe in clothes dryers (which I guess is smart since it saves energy).  But, my neighborhood, on the other hand, is pretty and, outside of people's actual homes and yards, doesn't have too many racks of laundry sitting around in it.  So, here are some pictures of it.  Enjoy!

Part 1 of this feature (of which there will eventually be several parts) is mostly pictures of the birds.  Sippy Downs, and specifically, my neighborhood, Chancellor Park is home to a series of small man-made lakes which are inhabited by the happiest birds that ever lived.  The ducks and water chickens and swans and ibises and all the other birds that I can't identify spend their days frolicking peacefully through the water.  Not pictured are the birds that occupy the trees, namely the Lorakeets and Cockatoos which gather in flocks a make a horrible racket in the early evening which is around the time that I usually go running.  These birds are significantly harder to photograph.  Despite being noisy, the birds are undeniably beautiful and it never ceases to amaze me that I am now surrounded every day by animals that I had only previously seen in pet stores and zoos.

If you would like to learn a little more about the beautiful suburb of Sippy Downs, click here.

Next up in this series will most likely be some photos of some of the unusual home architecture of Chancellor Park.

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